About Pattern Parts

Why pattern parts?

This site provides computer-generated geometric patterns for graphic designers, surface designers or anyone else that works with patterns. These patterns have no specific color or styling applied so I'm calling them Pattern Parts rather than finished patterns. This means you can color, modify and combine them as you see fit.

The patterns

Pattern parts are strictly 2D geometric patterns which I've collected into galleries of twenty or so patterns. There will inevitably be some repeated—or very similar—patterns across galleries, although I will try to keep those to a miniumum. Occasionally I will add galleries whose patterns all have a similar visual theme.


These patterns are generated as SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) files which you can view or download, but each pattern also has a link to download an EPS and PDF version. Each gallery has a link to download a one-page PDF catalog of that gallery and a zip file of all the files in that gallery.

Seamless repeats

Many of these patterns should be able to be repeated seamlessly both horizontally and vertically. However, some patterns created on a parallelogram shaped repeat unit may not appear to repeat seamlessly. To show these patterns in a rectangular frame I've hidden the sloping parts of the parallelograms, but they are still present in the SVG files. If you open the corresponding SVG file in your favourite vector graphics editor you may be able to select a full repeat unit.


All patterns on this site are licensed under a Creative Commons license that allows you to adapt and share as you need, including commercial use.


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